Tribal Fusion Belly Dance
2019 Show Info

We are planning for a 45 minute festival show.

All props must be able to be used indoor and outdoor, so no veils or isis wings
since wind limits your control.
Follow these
Rules for Choreo for your solos and small groups.

Costuming Rules: Be interesting.  Must be able change costume in 60 seconds
or less.  Use colors and costuming that enhance the feeling of the music and

Base Costuming will be:
Dance pants
Half tank with spaghetti straps
Flat black boots for outside performances when it's cool enough.
Ballet slippers with soles for hot weather.

2019 Performances We're Thinking About So Far
June - WV Pride Parade, 4 library performances in Kanawha County (one as
part of Festivall), MOVMCF in Parkersburg (June 21-23)
Sept - Culturefest

Deadlines for solos (Amira, Shaleh, Nadimah, Clarice and Thyone)
Jan15 - Prop ordered and in your hands.  Song "mapped"
Jan 31 - 30 seconds of choreo completed
Feb 28 - 1 min 30 seconds of choreo completed
March 31 - 2 min 15 seconds of choreo completed
April 30 - Full choreo completed

You need to have your song selected and "mapped" by Jan 15
You need to have 30 seconds of your choreo completed by the end of January

2019 Festival Set
Large Group Choreo
Solo - Shaleh
Small Group Choreo
Solo - Thyone (Poi)
Large Group Choreo
Education on tribal belly dance
Small Group Choreo
Solo - Nadimah (Knife)
Large Group Choreo
Solo - Clarice (Zills)
Small Group Choreo
Solo - Amira (Sword)
Large Group Choreo (Skirt Dance)

No Bringing Kids to Class
No kids are permitted to be in the studio.  You may be comfortable with your
child witnessing drinking, hearing cursing and seeing women change clothes, but
I am not, so please leave your kids at home.  If you can't find a sitter, you will
have to miss that class.

Makeup Classes?
There are no makeup classes.  Sessions must be paid for in full whether you
attend every class or not.  It is very important that students attend every class
because each class builds upon the last.  There will certainly be times when a
student must miss, but there are no refunds or credits for this.

Stage Makeup
All of your makeup should be put on much heavier than everyday makeup.  
Stage lights fade out the color.  Put foundation on much thicker than usual.  Set
with powder.  Use brown blush, dark brown lipstick  and any color eyeshadow.  
Line upper and lower eyelids with black kohl liner.  Use same liner to darken
eyebrows.  Extend lines out to side of face.  Draw dots over eyebrows.  Draw
straight line down forehead.  Draw 3 dots below outer corner of both eyes.  
Place bindi between eyebrows with eyelash glue.

Individual Bios
Please include the following in your bio: 1) Dance name 2) All teachers 3) Year
you started dancing 4) Current and past troupes

Troupe Bios
Please include the following in your troupe bio: 1) dance names of all members
2) year members started dancing 3) year troupe formed 4) all teachers

Troupe Expectations
The cost of being in the troupe is $40/month.  There is no credit or refunds for
classes missed.
Being a part of the troupe is a fun and exciting endeavor.  But it will require work
and commitment on everyone's part.  Here's my list of expectations for troupe
This is a drama free troupe.  There will be no tolerance for drama!
Must keep comments positive about all members of our troupe as well as other
troupes and solo dancers
Must interact in a respectful way to all other members of the troupe
When voicing an opinion, keep critiques factual and related to the troupe.  No
personal attacks.
Respect that the leader welcomes opinions from all troupe members, but the
final decision is up to the troupe leader.  This is NOT a democracy.
Be at class every week unless you have a doctor's note.  
I'm kidding!  We
understand if you're sick, have a death in the family, etc.  But seriously, please
try to be at class as much as possible.
When at class, please participate to your fullest.  If you practice sloppy, you will
put that into your muscle memory and I guarantee you that you will perform
sloppy.  If you are tired or hurt, I would rather you sit out than practice sloppy.
Practice at home at least 1 hour per week
Must be able to do every choreography by themselves without watching any
other dancers.
Must know all parts in a choreography and be able to switch to any part at any
Must have impeccable timing to lead or do a solo
Must know all cues and be able to use them properly in order to do any improv
Must know all combos
Must have all required troupe costuming, which currently consists of the troupe
skirt, half black spaghetti strap tank top and Kuchi belt.  This is subject to
change and we frequently require additional costuming for specific performances
Must attend performances which you have committed to
Must do solos when you have committed to such
Must display a team attitude
Fill out the self critique form for at least one improv and one choreography after
every performance and keep these in your troupe notebooks.  
Act in a professional and responsible manner before, during, and after all
performances and anytime you're in costume.  Bars are an exception - my
expectation is that you get wild after we're done performing!
For private event performances, please leave family members and friends at
It is acceptable and even recommended to bring family members and friends to
bars and large public events.
You are to be covered up with a veil, caftan, ghawazee coat or other coverup
anytime you are not performing.
Many changes are made the last class before a performance.  Therefore, you
must attend the class before a performance and also the practice the day of the
show or you will not be permitted to perform.