What to Wear to Class

Exercise pants or shorts
Fitted shirt
Coin belt if you'd like!

I need to be able to see what
your hips, knees and feet are
doing, so nothing too baggy!  
We also dance in bare feet, so
be prepared.
Choosing an Instructor

Where did you learn to
 It's best if they
learned from a good technical
dancer and continue to
master they skills of belly
dance by attending
workshops given by nationally
recognized dancers.

How long have you been
This doesn't
always tell you how good a
dancer is, but if they haven't
been dancing long at all, they
probably have not mastered
the dance enough to teach it

Who were your teachers?  
The better their teachers,
they better they're likely to
be.  Those who learned from
a good technical dancer are
likely to have good dance
habits, which she will pass
along to you!

What style of belly dance
do you teach?
 Make sure
you're learning the type of
belly dance that you want to
learn.  In this area, I only know
of teachers teaching tribal
fusion and cabaret, although
there may be instructors I'm
not aware of.

Do you have a student
 This is only relevant
if you want to perform, of

The most important way to
choose an instructor is to
watch performances by
different instructors and pick
the one you're drawn to.  
Then ask to sit in on a class
to see if you like their
teaching style.  

Private/Semi-Private Lessons
1 person - $30/hr
2 people - $40/hr ($20 each)
3 people - $45/hr ($15 each)
4 people - $50/hr ($12.50 each)
5 or more people - $10 each

Amira and Chavi are now available for:
Workshops in Other Towns
Lunchtime Workshops at Your Place of Business
Private Lessons

If you have a group of students wanting to
learn, but do not want to travel to Mink
Shoals, please inquire about a workshop at
your location at

Beginner Level I
for true beginners who have never taken belly dance classes

Beginner Level II
for students who have completed the 6 week Level I class

Beginner Level III
mastering the moves from Level I and II classes, learning improv cues
and putting it all together

Intermediate Level I
Mastering timing and cues

Intermediate Level II
Mastering improv

Samadhi Troupe Practice
for performing Samadhi troupe members only

Students must display proficiency in the moves in
one level before advancing to the next level
No Refunds
No refunds will be issued once your class is paid for.
You may however, send someone else in your place.
Amira of Samadhi Tribal Fusion Belly Dance in Charleston WV
Amira Nagi of Samadhi Tribal Fusion Belly Dance in Charleston WV
We will be accepting new students in
March 2020!

All classes are in Mink Shoals
unless noted otherwise

Class size is limited to 10 students
due to parking limitations

March 9, 2020
4-Week Session - Beginner Belly Dance
2 time slots available
Mondays from 4:30-5:30 or 6:00-7:00pm
$40 for 4 week session
Instructor: Amira
Must be 21 to take this class
Text 304-552-4168 to register

March 9, 2020
Troupe Practice
Mondays from 7:30 - 8:30pm
$40 for 4 week session
Instructor: Amira
Must be 21 to take this class
This class is limited to performing troupe members
Text 304-552-4168 to register
Note: If you are interested in joining our performing troupe, please let
Amira know.  You may be able to fast track into the troupe by taking both
group classes and private lessons to get caught up.