Tribal Fusion Belly dance
Samadhi Tribal Fusion Belly Dance
performs at area events such as

Festivals and Fairs
Bars and Clubs
SCA Events
Renaissance Fairs
Hiring a Belly Dancer or
Troupe for Your Next Event

Always watch a
performance or ask for a
 You don't know who
you're hiring until you see
them dance.  Make sure the
dancers in the video are the
dancers currently in the

What style of belly dance
do you perform?
 If you
don't familiarize yourself with
the styles, you may end up
with a style much different
than what you're expecting.

How long has the current
group been dancing
 In general, a
group that has danced
together for quite a while will
appear more professional.  
That's not always true, so
that's where the video is so

How many performances
have you done?  
that have performed
numerous times will tend to
know how to deal with their
nerves and perform at their
best regardless of butterflies
in their stomach.
Since not all budgets allow for professional dancers and
since students need to gain experience performing,
student performances can be booked at a reduced rate.  
The Agreement for Performance can be filled out online
and submitted.  To be valid, it must then be signed by
authorized representatives of Samadhi and the event
Samadhi is being booked for.