Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

Rules for Choreography for 2019 Show

Overall rule: If you do not excel at it, don't do it

If a move is not checked off on your checklist that Amira says you're going it
right, you are NOT permitted to use that move in a choreography even if you
think you'll get it soon.  Work on that move until you've perfected it and THEN
you may add it to a choreo

Uses moves that you are the best at.

No combos in choreo.  We save those for improv.

Be creative.  Do not simply sting a bunch of moves together.

Listen to the music and let it be your guide to the choreo.  Map out the song
before choreographing moves.

Use YouTube for inspiration but don't copy another dancer.

Have contrast within your choreo.  Fast vs slow.  Gentle vs strong.

Keep choreo under 3 minutes if at all possible.  If you must go over 3 minutes,
you MUST have some major change within the song or the audience will get

Use the entire stage.

Move positioning on stage.

Change positions of the dancers. Design visual patterns.

Express emotions.

Pick a few "moments" in the song.  Make the choreo in those spots spectacular,
startling, strong, memorable.

Have an entrance onto the stage

Have a dramatic end of the choreo.  Pause for at least 3 seconds and then
dance off the stage with exit music.

Use noises or sounds if appropriate.  Stomp feet, zaghareet, yips, exhalations,
surprise gasp, etc.

Mix t he kinds of movements you do.  Traveling, turning, poses, fast/slow parts.

Plan for facial expressions.

You can make putting on costuming as part of your choreo.

Video your choreo, critique it and make changes as needed.